About us

INTERKONTAKT, is the largest supplier of clothes hangers in the Czech Republic


 what way we differ from our competitors:

1. We are a Czech company that supplies domestic and foreign products.
2. We pay close attention to the development in which we cooperate with leading customers in the Czech Republic and abroad
3. INTERKONTAKT presents a comprehensive solution:
Production, distribution, sales since 1992
Consulting, complete solutions tailored, service




- Bernhard Fashion

- Koutny

- M.E.N.S Germany

- Infinite

- Cerva Group

- Tex Trading Cavalier Sweden

- Park Avenue

- Modex SK

- Zekon SK

- Accord SK










We have a lot in stock

You do not have to wait long, we guarantee fast delivery.

Guarantee of low prices

We are manufacturers, so our prices are so great and do not look for competition.

Team of experienced people

Call and advise you, do not be afraid to ask. We are here for you.

We are still on the Internet

Do not hesitate to contact us best from Mon-Fri from 7.00-16.00.